Aaron Bannert

A little about me...

I am a software consultant specializing in open source software. I live in the North Beach/Russian Hill area of San Francisco. I also love photography, foreign languages and cultures, food and movies.

I moved to the Bay Area after growing up and going to college in Orange County. I got a lot out of college and enjoyed my stay there. I also spent 6 months living in Bayreuth, Germany where I studied Language and Culture. That was a fantasic experience.

Bay Area culture is completely different from Southern California. People here interact more, maybe because we spend more of our time on buses and in street cars and walking around town, instead of in cars. I very much enjoy the Bay Area's social atmosphere and people's attitudes here.

SF Skyline


Codemass, Inc.

I started my own software consulting business to focus on open source software. The purpose of Codemass is to help companies take advantage of the immense power of open source software both in terms of development practices that have evolved out of various open source projects and also the huge number of highly valuable projects themselves. Please see the Codemass, Inc. website for details.

Technical Presentations

I have participated in a number of technical conferences and have compiled my presentation materials on my company's website. The presentations can be viewed directly from there.

Apache Software Foundation

The Apache Software Foundation is growing at an incredible pace. Being a Member of the ASF, I get to witness first-hand all the exciting new things that are going on, and sometimes see the results of my work. I'm personally involved in a few of the ASF subprojects, including the HTTPD Server Project, the Apache Portable Runtime. I've also been known to work on the Apache 2 filter for PHP , as well as being the co-author of flood (a load-testing tool for webservers).


I occasionally keep track of what's happening on gale, a highly-scalable, public-key based instant messaging system with roots going all the way back to Zephyr. I've even set up a live web-based galelog for monitoring and tracking traffic on the public gale categories.



I am an amateur photographer. I haven't decided if I like film or digital better, so I dabble in both from time to time. Digital is easier to manipulate, but film definitely still has its place. Some of my favorite photographers are Imogen Cunningham and Annie Leibovitz.

Foreign Language and Culture

I studied German in College and did a 6 month Language and Culture study program in Bayreuth, Germany. I'm currently studying French at CCSF in San Francisco. I enjoy learning about foreign cultures, and am particularly interested in how food is such an integral part of other cultures in contrast to typical American culture.


The Bay Area has an endless supply of fantastic restaurants and markets and bakeries and other eateries. Various ethnic foods are represented, as well as "fusion" eateries that tend to blend multiple styles and/or adapt foreign foods to those ingredients unique to California.

PGP Keys

Please retrieve my latest PGP key from a public keyserver. Here is a copy of my fingerprint:


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